How to Choose the Right Machine Learning Algorithm?

Deciding on the right Machine Learning Algorithm for a business problem or a use case is a complicated and time taking process. If you apply any ML model to the business use case and test if the model is the right fit, then you are following a tedious approach, one that is time-consuming and requires […]


Why Training Data Matters?

Machines with their faster processing speed and knowledge storing ability have replaced humans in manual and routine jobs. By leveraging their speed, one can train and turn them into smart machines. Machines can be tuned to mimic the human brain and learn to process info similar to a human by feeding them with relevant training […]


Introduction to Object Detection

Being a part of the Computer Vision technology, Object Detection helps to identify and locate objects in images and videos. Humans require only a few seconds to locate and identify objects of interest whereas machines need the training to replicate the human vision. Here is where object detection algorithms play an important role in helping […]

ML Model Building

Build, Train, Test, and Deploy a Machine Learning Model

Building a Machine Learning model from scratch is a time consuming and complex process. The model has to undergo the process of training, testing, and finally deployment in a production environment. This helps to unwrap the potential it holds to solve real-world problems. In this article, let’s take a hypothetical object detection ML model and […]


Video Annotation

Video Annotation is the process of adding tags or labels to unlabeled videos. These videos are then used to train machine learning algorithms. The tags or labels can range from a simple bounding box around an object in a video or a full segmentation that labels every pixel of the video. Video annotation helps to […]


Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition leverages technology to identify a human face. One can define it as a software that helps to detect a person from his or her facial contours that are unique to that person either by comparing it with a database or by identifying patterns. In most cases, facial recognition analyzes the unique facial features, […]


Basic Guide to Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that facilitates the machines to read, comprehend and interpret the underlying meaning from human languages with its main lying in the interaction between Data Science and human language. NLP uses Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to extract meaning from human language. How NLP […]


Google AI Automatic Replies for YouTube Video Comments

SmartReply system writes out the answers that YouTubers might want to reply to the comments they receive. Google is planning to roll out its SmartReply technology to YouTube which means the comments you are going to see on the platform may not have been written by a human. The SmartReply system first analyzes received comments […]

Impact of 5G on

Impact of 5G on Artificial Intelligence

Global networks across the world have launched 5G, the 5th generation mobile network and it is estimated that worldwide network operators will invest about $1 Trillion on 5G by 2025. 5G will not only change the way we connect and communicate with each other but also provides the necessary infrastructure and massive amounts of data […]

Is NLP possible without Text Annotation Services?

Is it possible to develop Natural Language Processing solutions without leveraging text annotation services? Can the machines learn on their own the nuances of human language and perform their tasks efficiently?  To answer these questions, one needs to have a complete understanding of text annotation and NLP and the relation between them. What is Text […]