Machines with their faster processing speed and knowledge storing ability have replaced humans in manual and routine jobs. By leveraging their speed, one can train and turn them into smart machines. Machines can be tuned to mimic the human brain and learn to process info similar to a human by feeding them with relevant training data.

Even though the concept of Training Data is simple, it forms the foundation of many bleeding-edge technologies such as Machine and Deep Learning applications. One can define it as an initial dataset that enables a program to find relationships, analyze, learn, and generate sophisticated results. The quality and quantity of training data help to determine the performance of the DL and ML models.

Why Training Data Matters?

Training Data can be described as labeled or well-structured data that sharpens or fine-tunes your ML algorithms. Huge amounts of data are required for training your models with accuracy.

Large scale training data is required for a great model and the labeling has to be done in a certain way that can effectively train your model or algorithm. By feeding pictures of the road to self-driving cars won’t be enough. Labeled images where every object like a vehicle, street sign, pedestrian, or others have been annotated have to be fed. Sentiment Analysis projects require algorithms to be fed with training data that will help it to identify slang or sarcasm.  

How to collect Training Data?

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We are adept at providing image, text, and video annotation services for different use cases such as drones, agriculture, retail, autonomous vehicles, and sports. Our specialties lie in the following:

  1. Image Labeling Services
  2. Video Labeling Services
  3. Text Annotation Services

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