Google AI Automatic Replies for YouTube Video Comments

SmartReply system writes out the answers that YouTubers might want to reply to the comments they receive. Google is planning to roll out its SmartReply technology to YouTube which means the comments you are going to see on the platform may not have been written by a human. The SmartReply system first analyzes received comments […]

AI as Mediator During Pandemics

Mediator AI helping Humans Communicate During a Pandemic AI can act as a mediator with its smart replies that helps humans to communicate during a pandemic. During a pandemic, daily life comprises of social distancing and finding new ways to connect remotely with family, friends, and colleagues. According to New Cornell University, Artificial Intelligence can […]


Facebook’s Shadow Social Network

But Researchers warn about the dangers of simulation leading to bots’ unexpected interactions with real users and hence suggest to isolate the bots from real users. Facebook is developing a shadow social network only for the bots to understand how scammers and trolls operate and exploit its platform. The social media giant has deployed Web-enabled […]