Facebook’s Shadow Social Network

But Researchers warn about the dangers of simulation leading to bots’ unexpected interactions with real users and hence suggest to isolate the bots from real users. Facebook is developing a shadow social network only for the bots to understand how scammers and trolls operate and exploit its platform. The social media giant has deployed Web-enabled […]


Google’s Latest AI System Could Prevent Deaths Resulting from Incorrect Prescriptions

Researchers from Google and the University of California have developed an AI system that can help to prevent deaths due to incorrect prescriptions. Only in rare cases, incorrect prescriptions can result in hospitalization and sometimes even death or can badly interfere with a patient’s existing medications. As per the researchers, the AI system can identify […]


Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning

There has been a rise in the number of machines that can learn and perform on their own, all thanks to the huge advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). But, when it comes to producing acceptable accuracy rates, these machine-driven systems seem to lag. Machine-based classification combined with human feedback is the best […]

AI Vs Corona

AI Vs Coronavirus

In recent times, there is a bit of skepticism about Artificial Intelligence (AI). There is fear about its misuse and its less collaborative nature with humans. But, AI has done more good than evil amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In its current form, AI is effective enough to help us fight the coronavirus outbreak. Let’s take […]

Semantic Segmentation & its Applications

Semantic Segmentation & Its Applications

Semantic Segmentation plays an important role in analyzing images and helps a machine to identify objects in images. It is a high-level task that enables machines to comprehend complete scenes in images. Most of the Computer Vision projects require inferring knowledge from images that can be achieved through Semantic Segmentation. What is Semantic Segmentation? Semantic […]


Training Data for Self Driving Cars

Autonomous cars or self-driving cars have captured the interest of the people and is one of the major milestones in the automotive industry in recent times. All the big players in the automotive sector from the Volvo to Tesla, Mercedes, Benz and BMW have invested heavily in the development of self-driving cars. This has surely […]